SJ-6016-24V SJ-6016-24V SJ-6016-24V

60mm LED Pixel light

■. It can be used for KTV decorative lights.

■. It  can be used to create LED advertising logo.


Digital UCS1903 led DOT programable LED Pixel


1.This is the new type programable LED Pixel;
2.each LED ball control by a IC Chip with 16 LED;
3. the connectors on back side is non-waterproof;
4. each Pixel included 1pcs screw;
5. Recommended drill a 20-25mm Hole on the panel during the installation;
6. Every 20pcs in a group ,supply power to it to avoid voltage drop;
7.lifespan:50000H.Warranty :2 Years.


P/N Diameter/mm LED Type Pixel/PCS Luminous Angle Voltage Wattage/PCS IP Rate
SJ-6016-24V 60mm ucs2903-smd5050 16Pixel/PCS 160 180° DC24v 4.32w IP20/65


Project case

The excellent pixel LED designed for outdoor digital lighting
They are the good choice for
Outdoor signboard
Casino Sign
Amusement park lighting
Playground fair lighting
Game machine

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