Qingyuan Gulong Gorge

On the weekend, the company organized a group building activity and chose Gulong Gorge rafting in Qingyuan as the destination. Early in the morning, we set out early for Gulong Gorge.

Gulong Gorge, located in Qingyuan City, is a scenic spot with beautiful natural scenery and a famous rafting resort. We came to the rafting starting point, put on a life jacket, ready to start the exciting rafting trip. The drift boat sets sail in the clear river, and the scenery along the way is picturesque.

During the rafting process, everyone had a lot of fun, sometimes cheering, sometimes screaming, enjoying the excitement and happiness. Some colleagues also splashed water on each other on the boat, making a lot of fun.

The whole group building activity was full of laughter and laughter, so that everyone felt the cohesion and unity of the team. In this activity, we not only experienced an exciting rafting trip, but also enhanced the friendship and teamwork ability between colleagues. May shiji lighting become stronger and stronger to create a better future together!