Dmx Series


■. It can be used for KTV decorative lights.

■. It can be used for home lighting decoration.

■. It  can be used to create LED advertising logo.

■. It can be used for stage lighting decoration.


Digital DMX smd3535 RGB led module light


1. Each dot is digitally controlled, per PCS led module with 1IC and 4LEDs.

2. All of the LEDs are controlled at once so you cannot have one pixel with the three LEDs different colors.

3. The pixels use 4 x 5050 RGB LEDs, with a 120 degree beam width.

4. RGB Pixels are digitally-controllable lights, you can make any color, and animate.

5. The pixels are connected by a 4-conductor cable. +12VDC, ground, data and clock.

6. You can easily cut the strand or attach more onto the end.

7. The total max brightness of all LEDs is about 8000mcd.

8. The LEDs are constant-current driven so you‘ll have even colors through-out the strand as long as you have a stable 12V supply.

9. Each strand has 20 pixels in series usually! Each strand has two JST SM 3-pin connectors so you can connect multiple strands in a row,as many as you wish, just watch for how much current they want.


P/N Size/mm LED Type Pixel/P Luminous Angle Voltage Wattage/m IP Rate
SJ-3535-dmx 35mm(L) x 35mm(W) dmx512-smd5050 4 Pixel 28 160° DC12v 0.96w IP20/65


Project case

-Led Amusement lamp is widely used in Ferris wheel, park, theme park, carnival, party,

-Super market, hotel, tavern, night club, disco hall, karaoke room, coffee house, bank,

-Meeting room, exhibition hall, exhibition wardrobe, show window, living house,

-Boat lighting, accent lighting, display case lighting, Under cabinet lighting and Art lighting.

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