Led Pixels Light
SJ-12-6803 SJ-12-6803 SJ-12-6803 SJ-12-6803

RGB LED string light

DC5V input at 50pcs in a string with 8cm spacing

■. It can be used for KTV decorative lights.

■. It can be used for home lighting decoration.


5v Digital LPD6803 12mm Pixel RGB LED node


1.12mm diameter (0.45") 75mm deep (1.5");

2.80mm / 3" apart bwteen each LED;
3.50 pieces per string;
4.These pixels use a LPD6803 chip 32 Gray level;
5.5V power, 60mA maximum per pixel (LED on full white) SPI-protocol;
6.Brightness: Red = 3.3 Lumens/300 mcd, Green = 10 Lumens/1000 mcd, Blue = 2.7 Lumens/300 mcd (mcd calculation based on full 120 degree beam);

PS:we also have other version chip :SM16716&UCS1903&WS2811&WS2801.


P/N Diameter/mm LED Type Pixel/PCS Luminous Angle Voltage Wattage/m IP Rate
SJ-12-6803 12mm LPA6803 1 Pixel/PCS 7 180° DC5v 0.3W IP65


Project case

-Led Amusement lamp is widely used in Ferris wheel, park, theme park, carnival, party,

-Super market, hotel, tavern, night club, disco hall, karaoke room, coffee house, bank,

-Meeting room, exhibition hall, exhibition wardrobe, show window, living house,

-Boat lighting, accent lighting, display case lighting, Under cabinet lighting and Art lighting.

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