Led Strip
SJ-10060-8208 SJ-10060-8208 SJ-10060-8208 SJ-10060-8208
■. It can be used for KTV decorative lights.

■. It can be used for home lighting decoration.

■. It  can be used to create LED advertising logo.

■. It can be used for stage lighting decoration.


Signal break-point transmission Digital GS8208 5050 led strips


1. Individually addressable rgb pixel 5050 led strips DC12V,  one ic chip 8208 inserted in each 5050 RGB diode. one ic control one led.
2. Signal break-point transmission, any pixel failure won’t affect signal transfer ,unless two consecutive adjacent LED are broken. 
3. PCB color : whilte & Black.
4. 5meters/roll, but the length per roll can be custom made.
5. Non-waterproof IP20+  3M adhesive tape on back side of PCB.
the waterproof version IP65 + silicon clips & screw.
waterproof IP66 + aluminum case + epoxy glue.
waterproof IP67 + neon silicon tube sealing.
6. Low voltage 12V DC input, don‘t over 13v, otherwise the strip will be easily destoryed. 
7. Each LED can be cut. there are cutting lines every 16.67mm. 
8.4PIN JST SM connector on both ends for signal transfer and extra two wires for power feeding, also can make with waterproof connectors.
9. Controller system : SD card controller, Ardunio, DMX decoder, and others.


P/N Size/mm LED Type Pixel/m Luminous Angle Voltage Wattage/m IP Rate
W10 * L5000mm
GS8208-smd5050 60 Pixel/m 420 160° DC12v 14w IP20/65


Waterproof  Level


Project case

back lights, cabinet lights, edge light, architectural lights for corridor, canopy, archway, lights for path
and contour marking; etc.They can be a good choice for lights for hotels, restaurants, night clubs, coffee / wine bars, shopping malls,
various shops, cinemas, beauty centers, office fronts, even lights for household kitchens or living rooms, etc.

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