Plastic cover for ws2811 RGB 5v led motion sensor wearable led strips lighting 60leds smd5050 price


High quality and competitive price 

High brightness with low decay, low heat 

Low voltage for human safety ,energy-saving 

Soft and flexible strip ,Waterproof and durable 

On any surface can be any shape,of widly applicability, easy to install and maintain 

Low carbon,no radiation, no flicker,and no harm to human and environment.


 lights, back lights, cabinet lights, edge light, architectural lights for corridor, canopy, archway, cloth light for clothes, lights for path
and contour marking; etc.
They can be a good choice for lights for cloth hotels, restaurants, night clubs, coffee / wine bars, shopping malls,
various shops, cinemas, beauty centers, office fronts, even lights for household kitchens or living rooms, etc.